A TSA Pat-down is a sex move involving the placement of one's hand on the inside of another person's leg and slowly patting upward before engaging in a handjob or any other form of sexual activity. Can be used by and for a man or woman.
by StainMcGorver December 28, 2010
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verb. (used with object) Unwanted sexual harassment; physical touching or contact of another's body against their will. Unwanted or improper sexual activity.
My boss was giving me a TSA Pat-down the other day. I quit and I'm suing.
by Lebaiym November 21, 2010
(verb) An unusually aggressive form of full body search employed exclusively by the TSA.
Man, i got a TSA Pat-Down today, and I seriously need a shower.
by PAFaieta November 30, 2010

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