To Trust someone > Have faith in >
Something what is buildup by millimeters
and breakdown in meters..
( see also " Berlidan " )
by sLg January 26, 2004
Two cannibals giving each other a blow job.
Two cannibals giving each other a blow job is kinda trust.
by Kiaos August 25, 2007
short for TRUST ME
Jump and I'll catch you...TRUST!

It'll be fun, TRUST!
by Big Bertheeezeee September 03, 2008
the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing lose
you've let me down, I trusted you
by rob_bassman July 17, 2011
hard to win,easy to lose,and never fully regained
by angel00 October 02, 2012
v. 1. the act of believing in the validity of what a person says/does and being able to open yourself up to them; 2. the act thinking something is certain or factual because of who the person is

n. what a person can have with one or multiple people that allows them to share personal details without regret or apprehension that the details will be disclosed or used against them negatively
Because you've never lied to me, I trust you.

I trust that even though you spent the weekend at JMU without me, you didn't sleep with any other girls.

We trust each other so when we see each other at Oyster Festival we're going to have an amazing weekend.
by MaryWashingtonCurls November 01, 2011
the biggest lie in the history of ever
jenny: why did you spill my secret? I thought i could trust you!!!
becky: i lied
by honorband71 June 02, 2010
Trust is two cannibals giving each other blow jobs.
Dude! I trust you!
by Collinw24 June 12, 2012

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