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To Trust someone > Have faith in >
Something what is buildup by millimeters
and breakdown in meters..
( see also " Berlidan " )
by sLg January 26, 2004
546 175
when 2 cannibals give each other head.
the 2 cannibals trusted each otherr to not eat their genetalia while engaging in oral sex activities.
by Roy April 19, 2005
121 63
Trust is the biggest weakness in the human race.
Guy 1 : I told you not to tell her i like her
Guy 2 : Sorry man, it slipped out
Guy 1 : Fuck you!! Trust is a weakness
by Geo202 November 27, 2006
106 62
Another way to say "beleive me"

Used by Lucas far too much
Mate, you gotta come dow' da pub, s'guna be great, trust!
by edude77 February 24, 2005
91 53
Trust is what a couple have to have in order to be in love. To be in love u have to know that u are letting him/her a chance to break your heart. But trusting them not too. Keeping them intimate to ur emotions and feelings open up a whole new reason why u absolutely love him .
Telling someone you won't cheat and hurt them, telling them u love them and care for them and telling them about the stuff that got them hurt before and trusting they care enuff to understand and not doing it again to you, is TRUST.
by Partyyyuuuppppp June 29, 2010
29 3
A dangerous concept. Give into it and it will stab you in the back.
The scorpion promised not to sting the donkey in the back while crossing the river. The donkey trusted the scorpion.
Guess what happened.
The donkey died from poison, and the scorpion drowned.
by -+-+-+-+- November 15, 2005
48 26
The feelng you get when someone holds your balls in their grasp and they don't squeeze.
"I'm holding 'em."

"You gonna squeeze?"

"Trust me."

"Hey you didn't squeeze! Friends?"


by Ghunt70 July 15, 2008
35 16
Something that isn't real.
Just pretend.
Damn, he lied to me about my girl just so we would break up. I thought I could trust him.
by Brian230 April 08, 2008
43 27