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A combination of house and trance music which falls into neither category.

Mostly played by DJs who feel they have done enough to please the people who have been following them for years and who they have made an absolute fortune from.

These DJs should get their heads out of their arses and remember where they came from and who put them where they are today.
Did you hear Tiesto playing that Trouse the other night? did you think it was shite too? No? well maybe it was me then... perhaps it's better if the Swedish House Mafia boys do it, or Eddie Halliwell?
by Music Lover No 32a August 03, 2011
1 A blouse that can be worn as pants.

2 A pretentious dj who invents a new genre so that he can be rated number one within it, since no one else plays this freshly created, imaginary genre.
Have you heard about that trouse, Tiesto? He just coined a new genre called polkastep
by Space Shuttle Sunglasses January 18, 2011
Trouse (noun) - a combination of trance and house.

Troused (verb) - the sensation of having to listen to a combination of
trance/house. This usually happens against the listeners will.

Trousey (adjective) - descriptive of music that sounds like a
combination of trance and house.
"I didn't know we were going to get troused tonight!"

"The DJ was playing trouse all night"

"Ths track sounds a little trousey"
by Kris Moon August 10, 2006
An add-on built around a trailer, with the intended end-result looking like a "real" house. Usually contruction goes incomplete, as most trailer-dwellers lack ambition and money, and the end result is a TROUSE.
Jason, having NO construction experience what-so-ever, decided on a whim that he wanted to turn his trailer into a house. The end result was a Trouse, with random holes in the floor and walls since Jason had not a clue what he was doing,
by Stacey drinks with straw December 20, 2009
This a term utilized in the real estate appraisal industry to describe a trailer which has been added onto and may or may not resemble a site built home.
Hey they added a second floor to their double wide and now they have a trouse.
by malp October 27, 2006
A trailer house, or portable home on wheels, that has had additional construction added on that is not portable. The end result is a combination of a house and a trailer... "trouse"
"Hey Mandy, your tweaked out neighbors built onto their trailer. What a nice looking trouse"
by Bully Seaman August 07, 2007
(Noun). A double or triple wide trailer that is made to look like a house by adding on a patio, sun roon, or other extension that most likely doesn't increase the value of the property.
We were watching Intervention the other day and not only was that family busted but so was the trouse they were living in. Regardless of the wooden swing on the patio or the pool in the back yard, it's still a trailer with an upgrade!
by dubyabejay March 16, 2009
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