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The guy that everyone either wants to be, wants to be like, or wants to be with.
The guy so cool he decides what's going to be cool next.
Who do you think you are, TREETOP or something?
by Lenny Nero December 09, 2003
adjective- refers to phenomenon in Vietnam when cowardly soldiers would climb trees and maintain that it was an effective fighting position. In modern usage this term describes someone who avoids confrontations but talks about it later as if they were involved.
Nah, he didn't do shit, he's just a tree-top mother fucker
by dittoheadfred May 01, 2009
1.)He who can change your life. 2.)A magic giant that roams the cities in search of people in need of a friend.
Its 4:44, do you know where your Tree Top is?
by Mr.Fucky May 16, 2011
When a woman's vagina looks like a tree stump and her pubic hair looks like leaves.
by ILikeMyNacho September 28, 2010

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