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Take a pill and drown.
Origins: Anandtech forum from a thread regarding the pest control of a skunk
Hey skunk, DIAF and TPAD!
by neutralizer August 12, 2005
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"Take Pills And Drown"

Originated on Anandtech Off Topic where a member fed a number of sleeping pills to a skunk which subsequently was let out of its cage, went for a swim and drowned in the pool.
Generally used as a single line reply to a post. Simply used:


Similar to DIAF
by ATOTer August 28, 2005
"Take Pills and Drown"

Acronym made up at Anandtech after some member caught a skunk, ODed it on sleeping pills, and then let it loose. After this, it drowned in a pool.
Why don't you TPAD???
by Codegen August 28, 2005
Take Pills and Drown.
TPAD, you damn skunk!
by AnandtechOffTopic August 18, 2005
Man I wish you would just TPAD
by DurocShark August 11, 2005
Take Pills and Drown. Originated on the anandtech where a member posted a story about he killed a skunk by feeding it pills and drowining it.

Generaly used as a response to an idiotic or misgudied phrase.
WarMonger: "Bush is a great Leader"

CrazyLiberal: "TPAD"
by darko31 August 29, 2005
Acronym for: Take Pills and Drown
Wow, just TPAD you idiot.
by Chompman August 29, 2005

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