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T.M.T. is slang/short for "TOO MUCH TUNA". It is commonly used to describe gay bars being overwhelmed/over-run by straight women, usually the obnoxious, ignorant, self-centered, and loud young college types that are full of themselves and can't hold their liquor worth a shit. For cities with sea ports, this is a far more common problem/issues that cities located inland. Why they choose to invade these establishments remains a mystery to date. Also more commonly found in college towns.
"Fuck, isn't this supposed to be a GAY bar? Look at the large school of tuna that just swam free of their gill nets and found their way upstream to here! TMT! GTFO!" (get the fuck out!)
by EnoughAlready!! September 05, 2010
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TMT means "The Money Team".

Floyd Mayweather's camp is called "TMT" and he also refers to his fans as TMT. He further explains himself and says that TMT is for anyone with the motivaton and dedication to go and make that money. Anyone can join it, even a janitor, long as they all grindin hard for their money, legit or not.
Joe: dude, Jose, you got any money bro? I'm a bumass whiteboy.

Jose: You know i got plenty to spare homie, TMT all day.
by All About That Guap January 06, 2014
text me tomorrow
i have to go.

thats cool. but tmt!
by Annabel Rosslen September 20, 2009
tickle my testicles
that bitch loves to tmt
by cranky chris February 07, 2010
Too Much Trouble
Used in times of Great Laziness, when shaving off every expendable syllable is ideal. Often paired with "Whatev."
"Hey, let's see a movie today."
"What's playing?"
".....meh. TMT."

"You forgot my birthday again? That's it. We're through."
"Whatev, TMT."
by Huey Peterson February 06, 2005
abbreviated for: Trado Medius Taco
n. In the state of having quit a job or activity with business left unfinished.

Origin: Latin translation; derived from the activity of quitting a job at a Taco Bell in the middle of the construction of a taco.
"Hey, did Matt finish up that assignment he was working on?" "No, he's t.m.t."
by TheCouncilOnHumanEnlightenment November 12, 2009
Too Much Trouble.
It is TMT to ask him to change his plans just for my birthday.
by cather23 May 28, 2010

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