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1. Georgetown University mascot. The official explanation holds that there was a baseball team at Georgetown called the "Stonewalls". It is suggested that a student, applying Greek and Latin, dubbed the team the hoia saxa-- hoia is the Greek neuter plural for "what" or "what a", while saxa is the Latin neuter plural for "rock". Substituting a "y" for an "i"; "hoya saxa" literally means "what rocks". Now, a Hoya takes the form of a Bulldog, but students still cheer "Hoya Saxa" at games.

2. A student or faculty member from the greatest university in the history of universities.
"Hoya Saxa!!!"

"Georgetown Hoyas are the best students around"
by G-Towner January 23, 2005
A Georgetown student or alumnus, derivative of the Greek word for "what."
What's a Hoya?
Georgetown Student: yes.
by akork November 01, 2006
dancer and swag enthusiast. you say snapback? he's there. you play usher or pitbull? he's on the way. once kicked a kid for saying dwayne the rock johnson was not the savior of this generation. his senior quote was a line from kevin rudolf's popular song "let it rock". in his free time, he likes to show off his fursona and attend furry conventions with his clan (furry friends) he met on devianart. as long as this man is alive, dance will never die.
Look at that guy's sweet moves, he's such a Hoya!
by jangdogwoof August 16, 2014
Happy One Year Anniversary
Date: May 1st, 2014

Teresa: HOYA!
Joseph: ??
Teresa: Happy One Year Anniversary, babe!! Love you, my a.f.f.i <3
Joseph: :)
by LLpoofie April 07, 2014
Scrotum, taint and ass hair.
No hoya on that batter, no hoya - hey batter, batter, batter, hey batter. No hoya! Swing batter!
by dibblez69 October 05, 2010
hot ass nipples, lickable nips
Man, you got some Hoya nips, there.
by LeAnna October 06, 2004
main supplier of Swedish chocolate into the UK

Artist of brilliant doodles...should get a feature at the Tate modern soon

general nice guy!:)
Omtijs, I DIE, my parcel from Hoya has arrived! :P
by bt geek May 27, 2004
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