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Text me Later
Dude, I'm busy right now, stop bothering me, tml.
by NYCUnion March 23, 2009
Thank me later.
A: I was getting F5'd, but I guess nothing will come of it...
B: Nah, I primed the pump for u.
A: Dankness.
by drizzake July 11, 2008
Short form of Toronto Maple Leafs - quite possibly the greatest hockey teams of all time
Hey, those TML boys are sure to win a stanley cup this time!
by 2dFx January 27, 2003
Also the Toronto Maple Laffs. Definitely the most useless hockey team of all time as proven by their 35+ years with no Stanley Cup.
by camel toe February 21, 2003
Acronym for "Tarranna Maple Loafs". A crappy ass hockey team in the center of the universe. Will never win a cup again.
Bandwagoners usually use the fact that they've won so many cups compared to another team but gladly dodge the fact that they simply cannot win with more than 6 teams in the league.
Lets go trash talk those TML bandwagoners.
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
best hockey team known to man kind
The Montreal Canadians do even come close to mathching up with TML
by Jm&Lh October 09, 2003
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