Time is moving heels slow!!
Dude1:12 hour shift...time is moving hella slow man!
Dude2:yer man tmhs!!
by woms November 21, 2013
acronym for "tickle my hard-on"
A: Holy shit, I just found five dollars!

B: Well TMH!
by MMFT October 14, 2010
The most awesome guy on the world. Some worship the TMH as God, as he is. Also known as McMan or simply GOD it is a well established fact that the TMH is actually God incarnate. There is no one as great and amazing as the great McMan, O great helmsman of our beautiful socialist state, O great genius and military tactician of the revolution. Log live TMH. Wait, he's God. He lives FOREVER!

He sometimes decides to exist in important times in history just because it is the will of TMH.
Stalin: "TMH. Now there's a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is."

Lu-Tze: "All is part of the great oneness of the TMH. All is one. All in McMan. Long live life"
by Funny J Dog smokin up the endo December 15, 2008
stands for too much head. as in gave too many bj's
wow this week has been crazy gave TMH.
by hayders101 April 18, 2011

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