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The highest attainable level of drunkenness. Created by Tucker Max, a young man whose personal drinking stories have become an internet phenomenon.
After 18 shots of Jagermeister in less than two hours, I was beyond drunk; I was Tucker Max Drunk.
by Webster April 18, 2004
Excessively drunk. Falling down, not knowing what the word blue means drunk.
We arrived at the party with a good buzz hence the downward spiral into Tucker Max Drunk.
by Chuck B. April 14, 2003
A state of intoxication which renders the drinker even more of a juvenile, self-centered, boorish dickhead than he was when sober. From, a site dedicated to the puerile ramblings of a sick SOB.
You think I'm a total loser now? Wait 'til I get TMD on this half-gallon of vodka... then I'll really be a complete fucking idiot.
by Satyr September 14, 2004
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