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4 definitions by Satyr

Used in online chatting for the expressing of sorrow or sympathy.

Representational of eyes looking downward.
I have to take my dog to the vet today because she isn't feeling well u.u

I'm sorry to hear that u.u
by Satyr February 26, 2005
124 24
Used in online chatting.
Representational of a happy face, similar to but not as popular as ^_^
Opposite of u.u
girl 1: Denis asked me out today n.n
girl 2: o.o No way!
girl 3: *squeals* He did!
by Satyr February 26, 2005
104 20
A state of intoxication which renders the drinker even more of a juvenile, self-centered, boorish dickhead than he was when sober. From tuckermax.com, a site dedicated to the puerile ramblings of a sick SOB.
You think I'm a total loser now? Wait 'til I get TMD on this half-gallon of vodka... then I'll really be a complete fucking idiot.
by Satyr September 14, 2004
27 40
A very versatile word, it is similar to fuck in that it can be a noun, verb, adjective or adverb. Commonly used as a placefiller for anything despicable.
(saintly cursing) fuckin snarfblatt

Oh shit.. the webserver is snarfblatted!
by Satyr January 21, 2005
8 52