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Take me back. Used when reminiscing on a positive memory; a more logical form of tbt.
Paul: Wow! Remember that really fun time we had at that party?
Erica: Yeah! Tmb.

Andrea: Tmb to freshman year...we were so weird!
Michelle: Omg seriously do NOT tmb.
by mildredthecar April 04, 2015
Acronym for Typical Minority Behavior. It is the base or main usage for when you see minorities being minorities...aka...following the stereotype.

Others include changes in the middle letter "M" to other races or places. Ex. Mx=Mexican, W=White, PR=Puerto Rican, T=terrorist, A=Arab, etc.

Warning=Only Races, Well Known Places and Jew is allowed to be added into the middle.

TMB is the most common usage. If you feel like being specific (u rarely should in some cases) then use the variation of TMB.
1-Yo those black kids playing basketball while drinking kool aid and eating fried chicken is mad TMB!

2-(You see a arab driving a taxi) Yo thats TTB!

by TuRTlEinPaRRiS October 22, 2009
Typical Minority Behavior - When u see people acting like their stereotypes.
Hey look at that TMB! (pointing at a black guy eating watermelon or a indian guy driving a taxi!)
by Dr.VaginaSlayer July 18, 2010
Abbreviation for 'The Midnight Beast', a comedy band consisting of three young boys; Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne.

They began on YouTube with a parody to Ke$ha's song, 'Tik Tok', and went on to do a parody of Jay Sean's 'Down'.

Since, they have released several singles such as 'Lez Be Friends', 'Just Another Boyband' and 'The Dance Routine'.
Have you heard TMB's new song?
by bieberordie04 July 22, 2011
tmb is an acronym for 'text me bitch'. It is used to text your friends when they have clearly gotten distracted from what is most important to them, texting you back and entertaining you when you're bored.
Colleen: Blah blah blah Zane!
Zane: Blah blah blah Colleen!
30 minutes with no response...
Zane: ...tmb! :P
Colleen: Blah blah sorry I fell asleep blah!
by inzaneinthemembrane June 01, 2011
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