an abbreviation of the nickname tits maghee. Commonly used as an abbreviation to appear as an appropriate nickname when said in public. The bearer of this nickname most likely has very large, beautiful breasts.
Jack: "Hey TM! You've got some big ass boobies."

Sarah: "Hahaha. Oh Jack, you're so silly."
by JLangley95 December 09, 2009
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Trademark, a form of copyright.
EbayTM- the world's online marketplace.
by Rydel April 22, 2005
It comes from Thy Majesty, it represents special attitude towards somebody in archaic but realisticly medieval way.
I'm honoured by TM's presense!
I'm glad to be at your service TM!
TM is at the battlefield fighting some gauls, brb. (note on the fridge by Caesar to Cleopatra)
by eSu7 November 14, 2007
meaning trademark. however, some lame myspace addicts put it at the end of their myspace name to be cool. when it's not really. at all.

except, it's the actual TM sign.
but because i'm obviously not as *hardcore* as them.
i really cant be bothered to find it on my keyboard.
by glossedhorror August 31, 2006
A term usually used in a game called RuneScape, describing a good/win person
Idiot 1: wow did you see that tm guy
Idiot 2: yeah he was fucking ownage
by xtmx5 December 31, 2009
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