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This Link Is Awesome. You and your geek friend are both at home, wishing you had lives. You IM eachother to fill that empty void in your utterly pathetic life, when suddenly, the next message is posted. It's a link from you're friend, and it's to something totaly amazing that someone else who doesn't have a life posted somewhere on the internet- be it a hilarious video, a horrific webcomic, or some crazy thing being auctioned off over the web. This link is an awesome link that for a split second has distracted your from the fact that you live in your mothers basement, and keep a collection of keyboard lint in a jar by your bed.
Bob: Hey, remember that time we went to that convention for that thing?
You: -snortlol- yeah!!!
Bob: Hey, man, check this out!
Bob: www.urbandictionary.com/TLIA
by SuperFantasticAwesomePerson December 23, 2009

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