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ten levels higher
50 cent is TLH than Jarule all Ja does is 'Holla!!!'
by G-unit princess February 14, 2004
The Tallahassee, Florida area. Originates from the airport code.
I'm going to the TLH next week to get with some of those hot FSU girls
by Nick Beemer July 13, 2004
Thick Lower Half - meant to describe a pretty faced girl with a fat lower body which is not proportional to the thinner and hotter upper half of her body.
I thought the new girl in class was hot until she got out of her seat and I realized she has a serious case of TLH.
by Tjacq October 14, 2009
Total Listening Hours;

The combined hours that users at visitors listened to a single station during the last 30 days (standard and ad-free listeners combined).
A station with 4923 TLH must really suck compared to a station with 1850548 TLH.
by J-chikara June 21, 2008
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