T.K - someone you call T.K because they are weird and random yet funny and awkward to be around .someone's who's ready to do the unthinkable and say thee un-thinkable
omg we should totally call that dude T.K !!.
look that girl just pulled a T.K !!.
by RANDOM CHICK! July 08, 2011
team killer.
this is for multiple reasons:
1: they abuse chat so much and are so up their own ass you shoot them at spawn
2: they like to kill people for no reason because theythink they are really hard.
3: you/they want a kill so bad they walk right infront of you while your firing, so you manage to cap them
4: blocking door so you frag them
they fire at you so you fire back unaware they have 2 health
5:they are in shaddowed areas in maps, so you walk around the corner and unload a clip on them wondering why it takes so long for them to die
6: they make you jump in a tense moment and yur finger is so close on the mouse that you accidentally mow them down
In battlefield 1942 they are called tking smacktards
me: fking n00b you tkd me again, learnt to aim do i look like a terrorist to you? im in a damn sas suit!
n00b: soz mate, but you walked into my fire
me: your fire? were @the spawn point!
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
Another term for one bad b!tch! Mess with this girl and she'll bring her 9 iron. Will not allow for bullsh!t from any person, regardless of gender. She'll be your best friend and your worst enemy.
I'm about to go T.K. on her!
by skyyvicious November 21, 2011
to TK someone is to surprise attack them, specifically a good looking person of the male gender, by coming up behind them and placing your hand on their rear and squeezing.
Sarah: OO look at that hottie...Im gonna T K him!
Jessica: Go for it!
by the_t.k.er September 07, 2008
a guy who is a player, most would refer to as a fuckboy. Likes to sleep with lots of girls
"dude don't date him he's a total Tk"
by juila cesar February 18, 2015
pronounced (tee-kay) tee deriving from the east west cambodian tee leaf that can used as a tea or smoked for a particular affect. Kay derived from the word okay.

Okay teekay oh hey
TK: Smoking and drinking , that sounds like TK..

TK: i will be ready after this drink TK.

Okay teekay oh hey
by the brown hornet February 02, 2010
.TK domains originate from the island of Tokelau. At first their service seems appealing, as they offer email forwarding and a web-redirectsolution.

after realizing that they have an uptime of next to nothing, you will just becomd plain old pissed off at them

there are times when their email will take a week to be forwarded... i swear to god they are running a fu#king 486 as a server! what shit
dot.tk is the example of this shit, also alone with a******a.tk, and many other losers that got hoaxed into this
by blow me April 28, 2004

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