A shorting for "Team Kill" use in the pc game "counter strike".
Fucking tk! i suggest you leave the server or learn to play like ppl!
by BoSviLLd November 23, 2003
An abbreviation for Tokelau, a country 480 km north of Western Samoa.

They offer free domains at but you still have to use a site like geocities for hosting.
Stupid TK bastards.
by Johnny Rocketfingers October 11, 2003
To Pierce a small hole (the size of a 5 pence piece) on the bottom side of a beer can and cracking the ringpull open before drinkin and downing the fucker in one piece.
"Yo laurence, lets go TK these cans down the park today and get FUUUUUUCKED!"
by Fream Team April 25, 2007
In the gaming world, TK usually as an abbreviation for "Team Kill" but it can also be used with the meaning of "Type Kill".

Team Killing is when you shoot someone on your own team, Type Killing is shooting people that are standing still and obviously typing a chat message (many games indicate this graphically, but beginners either don't see this or are just so thrilled they can finally get a kill that they ignore it).
* n3wb inflicted mortal damage on 0wna
* 0wna: ffs stop the TK n3wb
by l0calh0st September 03, 2005
Means "totally kidding," is used as a better alternative to JK (just kidding).

SPREAD THE WORD! JK must be de-throned!
"I hate you, TK!"

"Your mom's a whore, TK!"

"RENT is a suck-ass musical, TK!"
by Darbnerual Pmekredelseilhcs February 15, 2009
Tk, on msn, is short for that's ok.
Jelly Face- ommggg i'm so sorry, i just ate your house.

Jacobi- Tk, i never liked it anyway.
by Samiee Baybay August 06, 2008
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