Annoying kids in school. The outcasts in a school. Often referred to the dead kids of a school. Or someone who isn't active enough in school activities and doesn't want to interact with the "cool" people in school.
Hey! Stop playing with your booger. What the fuck man. You're such a TK.
by letsmakesomenoise October 18, 2011
.TK domains originate from the island of Tokelau. At first their service seems appealing, as they offer email forwarding and a web-redirectsolution.

after realizing that they have an uptime of next to nothing, you will just becomd plain old pissed off at them

there are times when their email will take a week to be forwarded... i swear to god they are running a fu#king 486 as a server! what shit is the example of this shit, also alone with a******, and many other losers that got hoaxed into this
by blow me April 28, 2004
The tech crew (or krew) of a stage or studio production. People who work together behind the scenes to make sure the production runs smoothly. The tech crew members usually know each other and celebrate after a show together.
Me and the rest of TK are going to Islands to celebrate after the show.
by mddw September 22, 2009
The act of experiencing a triple kiss. Originated in the dorm room of Complex where a young man was fortunate enough to encounter the triple kiss.
Random Bro 1: "So did you get your dick wet last night?"

Random Bro 2: "Nah man, but I did get a little TK, no big deal."
by Gypsy 2k0 February 17, 2008
nickname for skater, hijinx master Terry Kennedy, also known as Compton Ass Terry from Viva la bam. TK is not from Compton, he;s from Long Beach, and he has been shot before. He's sponsored by Baker, Ice Cream, and probably Boost mobile.
there goes TK abusing a homeless person, aww

yo TK just nollie front lipped it
by ;asdfh November 06, 2007
A really awesome person who sometimes has problems defining one person from another and also a knife from a banana. See banana.
So called "TKer": Hey mate have a banana!


So called "TKer": Sorry mate I thought you liked bananas...
by austintheoneguy June 04, 2007
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