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An acronym coined by comedian Donnell Rawlings meaning "Takeit In The Face." The term is used frequently in his hilarious stand-up and occasionally at inappropriate times in his daily life.
"You don't like my jokes? TITF!"
by comedygirl April 04, 2010
An acronym that means to "take it too far." Often is used to refer to someone who keeps trying to joke about the same topic long after it has stopped being funny and started to be really annoying. May also occur between a group of people who are too stupid/immmature to realize that their joking has strayed from relevance to complete fucking ridiculousness. Also can come in the form of TITFing which describes the act of TITF.
The above definition.

Jake's five minute TITFing session about how good he looks in jean shorts made me want to scissor kick the back of his head.
by maddbomberman February 24, 2009
taking it too far
Winter is so titf.

We were so titf last night.

Robert Pattinson is titf hott.
by women of the womb December 14, 2008
TAKE IT IN THE FACE, this phrase was coined by Donnell Rawlings.
Me: do you TITF?

Woman: whats that?

by cougar bait11111111111111 September 29, 2010
acronym, used primarily on the internet.

see, tits in the face.
Bro, that was totally titf.
by theIV February 07, 2005
acronym:TITF-Take It in The Face

the act of ejaculating in someone's face;facial.also can be used as an insult over the internet.
1."dude,that chick i met last night sure knew how to TITF"
2."u dont like it then u can TITF"
by sfGIANT89 October 25, 2010
Fag 1: Damn she's a preggo? I wouldn't even touch her with a crowbar.
Fag 2: Obvious case of TITF
by fapfap May 23, 2008
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