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The opposite of Ebonics;white speech.It involves speaking with proper english and enunciate while using slang,mainly slang made up by caucasians.It can be easily recognized when a person tries to sound cool but sounds quite white and corny.
white kid: hey bro,what is up?
black kid: um nothin much,man. whats good with you?
white kid: feeling better,had the squirts just yesterday.
black kid: what?
white kid: nevermind dude....hey do you know if anything is popping tonight,home boy?
black kid: haha look man,i know you wanna sound cool n shit but the ivronics only makes you sound hella corny.
by sfGIANT89 November 12, 2011
acronym:TITF-Take It in The Face

the act of ejaculating in someone's face;facial.also can be used as an insult over the internet.
1."dude,that chick i met last night sure knew how to TITF"
2."u dont like it then u can TITF"
by sfGIANT89 October 25, 2010

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