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An amazing erection. A dick that drives the women crazy. The penises possessed by a family from Cincinnati Ohio.
The Adkins boys and there relatives pass out The Oak to the ladies.
by cptnate04 September 14, 2010
A town where drug dealers lurk on every corner and old people just sit on their porches drinking whiskey. Kids usually hang out and skate in the street by 7-11 and stoners sit in parked cars smoking shitty pot. You always have to lock your car and house doors because people like to break in and still shit. It's not uncommon to spot a fight on White Oak and Water Oak after Loch Raven High school students get off at that bus stop.
Hey dude, wanna chill?

Sure, where you goin?

Ah, just gonna hit up a friend's house in the oaks and score some bud.
by Dee's Nuts! February 25, 2009
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