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only to be used by those who have unrivaled handsomeness and unacheivable amounts of SWAG
Bro1:"this party sucks"

Bro2 "agreed, i am way tgth to be surrounded by these inbreds"

Bro1:"time to get 2 hoes for peepee swoles and leave"
by SUPAH GOON March 27, 2011
To Gnarly To Handle. As in you can't believe it; something is really cool.
*Just saw a good movie* "That movie was TGTH!
*Just bought the flyest outfit ever* "These clothes are TGTH*
by BooBooMaster October 07, 2011
basicly a short version of the word "thought" often used to shorten messages, like in a msn or sms message.
I tgth about u all day!
by darklord4812 October 29, 2010
adj. - too gay to handle
Scott and his red man purse is TGTH.
by Nicole75 April 26, 2010
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