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Acronym for "Thank God I'm (an) Atheist". Used to express ones joy for NOT believing in a religion, not having to go to church or pray 5 times a day and to have freedom of speech and thought.
On a Sunday morning; "TGIA," I can sleep in.
by anonymous254157893two November 26, 2010
Thank God I'm Awesome

Can be used in either the full or the acronym version.
Used when one proves him or herself to be awesome in what one believes is an appropriate manner.

For examples, see Barney Stinson, of 'How I Met Your Mother'
She though I forgot her birthday, and I did, but I managed to BS my way out of it. TGIA
by rsmrv November 08, 2010
This girl is amazing
Wow you did your sats? TGIA
by John Oiseau May 12, 2016
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