Total Gay Frat Move
"Hey bro, Did you hear about Andrew and Joey?" "Nah brah, what's up?" "They went on a hunting trip, but instead of bagging a deer, they bagged each other!" "Hahahaha, I knew it! TGFM!"Hahahaha, I knew it! TGFM!
by TheMinerSide February 28, 2011
Top Definition
Total Gay Frat Move. Any frat-type act done by a gay male.
A: What did you do last night.

J: I made that Cuban otter my slam-piece. He got a one-way ticket to pound town and then made me a sandwich.

A: That's TGFM, bro.
by Sperrys & Costas February 28, 2011
An acronym that means: Thank God For Marijuana
Everything is so fucked right now. My life sucks. TGFM!
by stonerzzz September 26, 2011
It is an acronym for: Thank God For Mexicans
(Friend one): I really love these tacos!
(Friend two): yeah, me too.
(Friend one): TGFM
by siempre vive la familia November 12, 2010
ACRONYM for Thank God For Me
TGFM, otherwise you wouldn't know that the Spice Girls had a new album coming out.
by ANDREWtheGREAT:) November 23, 2007
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