Thank God for insurance!

Most times, insurance is just something you pay and lose money on over time... but sometimes it freakin' pays off!! (From a formerly robbed/recently reimbursed homeowner / homo-ner :D)
--Dude, my house got robbed...

--I know, but you've got homeowner's insurance! TGFI!
by WordJunkie798 November 15, 2010
Top Definition
"Thank Goodness For Insurance"
Exclamation of joy/relief when health insurance provides peace of mind or improves quality of life
My son had several ear infections last year so his doctor suggested tubes. After the surgery, no more infections and a much happier little boy. #TGFI
by TillieMnster July 21, 2016
Acronym for "Thank God For the Internet." A play on TGIF where the speaker expresses relief or happiness at the immediacy and accessibility of information of the Internet where it didn't previously exist.
1. Someone asked if Woody Allen was dead or alive yesterday, well TGFI! He's alive!

2. Totally wanted to meet the cute barista at the corner coffee shop. TGFI (and her nametag), I got her email address!
by buckedchuck March 13, 2009
Thank God for the Internet. Related to and play on TGIF.
I finally figured out who does the theme to the Mad Men credits... RJD2! TGFI!
by cwhiton November 10, 2008
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