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Teenage Girl Dramatizism - ( TGD ) is a classification of the younger teenage girl years. This clinical diagnoses virus of this vis given to the younger women, early to mid puberty (13-16). Some (not all) girls have this virus during these years of middle school - high school.

This virus, although not completely contagious is contracted from other females. It is usually contracted from girlfriends who have family members in higher grades, and can ruin an entire family's life.
Girl 1:"Like oh em gee, she is not with him again, I heard that he . . ."
Guy 1: " TGD, not cool."
by Doctor Crusty Pimple, MD March 29, 2010
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TGD- titty glitter dance
Sarah was dancing, but not just any dancing: titty glitter dancing!!! (TGD)
by crazy4chanel February 20, 2011

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