Time for tea
4pm... TFT
by TeaHugger July 16, 2012
aka titty fucking t-shirt.

A titty fucking t-shirt is any low cut, v neck t-shirt a big breasted woman would wear. This includes t-shirts, dresses, jackets, or anything were a woman's breasts are out for the world to see. The following cup sizes achieve this TFT look: Large C-Z. Any cups sizes below a large C are reffered to as WTFT. See below for definition.

-If a girl bends down and you can see the roundness of her breasts, it is a TFT. If you can see the shadow of her cleavage, it is a TFT.

IMPORTANT:: a TFT can ONLY be worn by curvy, sexy WOMEN. Any small chested "girls" who wear these shirts/dresses/jackets are catagorized as "WTFT", aka Wannabe Titty Fucking T-shirts. This right is only for women. Sorry, girls.
"Did you see that girl, Robby."
"Damn Greg, that girl's TFT is hot."
by Tiger, the Diva August 14, 2009
"the fact that"

Many may have seen this used on twitter
TFT i'm a blonde >
by natbprice September 21, 2012
TFT is an acronym meaning "Too Fuckin Tough".
As used in the following statement: "I'm TFT, only God can take me out"
by Oleskiw99 September 25, 2013
TFT two faced twat
eg... OMG nikki your such a TFT
by emmab2190 June 24, 2010
Acronym for 'Tonka Fucking Tonka' Like FFS, the word is used to express feelings of annoyance and distress, however, the word 'Tonka' comes from an ancient tribal language and so it is a much more primitave way to show such feelings.
eg1. Jim: TFT! I dropped my ice cream

Sam: Bummer

eg1. Carly: BTW, i can't come to this party of yours.

Carrie: But you were bringing the booze, TFT!

Carly: What?
by Kermit123 May 18, 2009
(the farting trick). The act of resting on your hands and knees, whilst proforming a series of farts. After each fart comes a suck back where air is sucked back up the arse.
"Harry, why don't you do TFT any more"
by Max D_93 December 14, 2006

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