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Another word for 'hotbox' (To smoke weed in a confined, closed space.)
Oli: Yo, ive skinned up

James: Sweet, lets take it to the bakers oven
Oli: Hell yeah
by Kermit123 May 17, 2009
The state when someone has been drinking and their teeth begin to feel strange and numb.
Jim - Ahh man this booze sucks, i'll need about ten glasses to get drunk
Oli - works for me, ive already got tipsy teeth
by Kermit123 May 29, 2009
Acronym for 'Tonka Fucking Tonka' Like FFS, the word is used to express feelings of annoyance and distress, however, the word 'Tonka' comes from an ancient tribal language and so it is a much more primitave way to show such feelings.
eg1. Jim: TFT! I dropped my ice cream

Sam: Bummer

eg1. Carly: BTW, i can't come to this party of yours.

Carrie: But you were bringing the booze, TFT!

Carly: What?
by Kermit123 May 18, 2009

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