Typical Female Overreaction
I had sex with the girl and asked her to leave immediately after. She flipped out...TFO.
by Shady McShaderson IV October 14, 2011
The acronym TFO (The Forbidden One) can be used as a code name for someone you don't like. It is a synonym of You-Know-Who and can be used in public situations when you want to gossip about someone without naming them.
"TFO is staring at me again. He's so annoying."
~other people in public will not know who you are talking about~
by subscribetoamazingphil April 01, 2016
You call someone a TFO if they are single and forever alone; TFO is short for Table For One.
"Willie Boy will never get a girlfriend. He's gonna be TFO for life."

"I bet Willie Boy TFO'd it to the movies today huh?"
by FieldsofGoals December 21, 2015
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