Crack dealers that deliver. Crack house on wheels.
My pimp said I need to go blow some niggas if I want money to call Tdog.
by Cal da lick May 03, 2003
Top Definition
Team Death or Glory
It's a team for online multiplayer gaming and community ... this team does not cheat or hack ... all legit and fair play ...

Death means ... done your dying best to achieve your goal without giving up
Glory means ... Yes, achieved the goal and enjoying the victory !

Either way ... it's a win-win situation
Person 1 : Thanks for offering me to join a clan but i am with TDoG for life

Person 2 : What's TDoG ?

Person 1 : Team Death or Glory and this team does not cheat or hack

Person 2 : Interesting ... the clan i am in, some of them cheat and ruined the game ... I might join with you to play fair game

Person 1 : Alright if you do change your mind ... I think you know where to find me
by TDoG-Sneaker January 14, 2008
a mysterous meth dealer deals meth in eureka ca knows to be deaf
lets meet T-dog to buy some good dime
by T-dogforever707 August 03, 2016
White ghetto, wigger, character in the movie "Waiting"
"How many times I gotta tell you, MY NAME IS T-DOG BITCH!!! MY NAME IS T-DOG"
by BenJamN March 30, 2006
Toad like appearance, facial features close to those of a old hairy sumo wrestler's genitilia. Wear's clothes generally bought from Coles. Has trouble walking because of excess fat held on her thighs and kankles. Like's to molest smaller children for her own pleasure. Munts with her asian women prostitute on a regular basis
I am your English teacher and you will sit in my English class and watch my vagina

Bok Choi shall we go to the cemetary now or later?

T-Dog touched my mum genetalia at my parent teacher meeting
by Bokk Choii June 04, 2009
A poser.
Often used in skating terms.
Someone who does varials or pressure flips.
"Did you see that kid do a varial?"
"Yeah, what a T DOG!
by Koloolok June 09, 2009
Used in code to describe alcohol
Hey Peanut, give us another swig of that T-dog. I'm randy as fuck and keen to chase some Squip's
by dd slasher January 17, 2008
a cross between a T-Rex and a Dog. A very unattractive, nasty creature that reigns terror everywhere it goes
Man that's not nice your a TDog!
by Foray August 31, 2010
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