An abreviation for a baseball player who's name starts with a "T". Also, a good baseball player that needs to be distinguished from other "T" named players without skills.
Tony the first baseman....T-Dog at first base. Shortstop named "Timmy" that is not a good player is still "Timmy"
by mickey kakes October 02, 2006
T-Dog (A.K.A Superman) is a well known Canadian-Born action contributing 'Super-Man'. He causes destruction whilst he learns about consisting with a secret called 'continuity' (uninterrupted connection or union).

T-Dog is a current resident at a tafe in Australia, he works with other super heros such as Chook, Roo, Scanners, Jeeves who all have their own 'special' abilities.

He enjoys saving people, eating beagles, long walks on the beach, french literature, and foremost his single large red paperclip which he has nicknamed, Max.
T-Dog says:
"Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive."

"Eat right, exercise daily, live clean, die anyway."

"After a year in therapy, my psychiatrist said to me, 'Maybe life isn't for everyone."

T-Dog catchphrase:
"You are all mother fuckers and suck your dads cock (if he has one)."
by Benn. December 01, 2006
a tdog is a nocturnal animal that stays up late at night watching family guy. Tdogs are an endanged spieces of dog, There peak was between the 60's-80's. Tdogs have a built in mind set that there rockstars. They prey on helpless high school girls. Tdogs are very dangerous animals they don't attack violently but use there "tdog charm" to lure you in to doing pretty much whatever they want. A Tdogs diet consist of cigarettes, raman noodles, dank trees, soup and chicken noodles.
TDOG is a fathers worst nightmare
by gators15 November 25, 2010
a thong
basically underwear that goes up your ass
Ew! look at that girl's panty line, she definitely needs a t-dog.
by Dori, Nicole & Deliya November 26, 2004
Crack dealers that deliver. Crack house on wheels.
My pimp said I need to go blow some niggas if I want money to call Tdog.
by Cal da lick May 03, 2003
a rap name fo someone in the music biness
yo t dog, wat up
by yo mama November 13, 2003
Tdog is a crack dealer that delivers.
I just called Tdog for a few bags.
by Cal da lick May 03, 2003

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