Typical Dissipation Power
applies to CPU or other
electronic circuits.
...however, TDP or the highest possible power draw that any consumer would ever encounter is 93.9W...
by javel March 11, 2005
Top Definition
Touch Dobby's Penis.
In Harry Potter, When they want to perform sexual acts on Dobby, this acronym was used to discreetly bring it up.
Hermoine: I want to TDP
Harry: Me too, man
Ron: You guys are obsessed with TDP
by The facts master May 30, 2013
Acronym - The Damage Patrol/Too Dam Phat

Australian based Graffiti art crew which was formed in the early 90s with initial members

TDP has consisted of numerous artists in the past some of which have gone on to perform as professional artists around the underground art scene in Austrlia, fueled primarily by the deeds of the TNS KINGS they have been brought up on pure Hip Hop culture, respect for the Hip Hop elements and for always showing respect as they traverse the major cities of Australia for their artistic endeavours always painting trains as Steel is the chosen canvass of many of their artists

They have recently come to the fore in the Australian Hip Ho p scene having released a DVD with the help of TNS/TBK/JG which has gained a recent review in the Australian Street Press magazine 3D world
Spray Can
by TooDamPhat September 25, 2006
Team Dick Punch
Lets gang up on Tyler and go TDP on him!
by ajxd98 October 08, 2011

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