Top Definition
1. Toby Maguier.
2. Spiderman
3. Spiderman 2
4. Spiderman 3
5. Spiderman 4
6. Old Veg
7. The G-Spot
1. T(o)B(y) MG(mag)Y(ui)R(er)
2. featuring TBMGYR
3. featuring TBMGYR
4. featuring TBMGYR
5. WHO EVEN KNOWS?!...Not me!11
6. "Are these veg safe to eat? they look pretty old?"
"Nah they're TBMGYR"
"Ewww Nasty"
7. "Oooh yeah, you're really hitting my G-spot!"
"Yeah baby... i know how to tickle your TBMGYR"
by McCauley Culkin in PageMaster April 02, 2008

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