an open order of items to be paid for in total later, such as drinks ordered from a bar.
short for "tabulation".
a pint of guiness for me, a smirnoff ice for the lady...and shots of jack for everyone!

on my tab please...!
by ColdOne February 02, 2005
Term for cigarettes used most commonly in the North-East of England, particularly Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumberland.
"Eee ahm reet gaspin for some tabs" = "By gosh I am desperate for some cigarettes"
by SeanDD October 12, 2007
1) In younger teenage crowds, usually schools, tab is synonymous with pop tab. These are collected, used as jewelry, or exchanged for kisses/sexual favors (depends on the individuals involved). If you want to give a tab to someone without the implicit stigma, the tab is dropped to be retrieved by the individual recieving it.
2) A canned beverage produced by the same company that makes Coca Cola; the origonal Diet Coke. Tab was popular in the 80's, but has faded to obscurity.
3) A key on the keyboard of a computer that can, depending on the program; indent paragraphs evenly, move the curser from one interactive object on a website to the next, and switch browser windows. Also an ASCII character made by pressing the button of the same name to indent a text. Short for Tabulation.
4) British slang for a cigarette.
5) Slang for various forms of illegal drugs, predominantly ecstacy and marijuana. Short for tablet.
6) Abbreviation of tabulature. Used to read and write music for guitars and bass.
7) Slang used to refer to Cambridge University students by those of Oxford University. Short for "Universitas Cantabrium"
8) British Military abbreviation of "Tactical Advance to Battle", referring to a march or hike.
9) A bill in a restaurant. Short for Tabulation.
10) A projection, flap, or short strip attached to an object to facilitate opening, assembly, handling, or identification.
1) "Here, Tommy. Want a tab?" Tommy: *kiss*
2) "Hey, I saw some Tab over at the store. They had three cans left."
3) To make a series of numbered questions line up vertically, just put a tab before each question until they aline.
4) "Hey, Buddy, you got a light for my tab?"
by Juandfr June 29, 2006
Tall Awkward Black

Typically refers to a female African American with multiple strands of bead braided hair, jeans above the belly button, and a general look of confusion. The Tab is a gentle, reclusive creature in nature and can be found all over the USA. They are usually writing/drawing in a spiral ring binder with mythical creature designs on the front however, one of these binders has never been found leaving the contents a mystery. Often teased as children, Tabs overcome this and are generally the kindest people you'll ever meet. Tabs generally end up as the nice lunch lady or janitor at your local elementary school. They have been spotted on college campuses as in the following example.
*Tab steps on sorority girls UGS in a crowd*

Tom: Did you see the look that sorostitute gave that awkward black girl?

Mary: It's not her fault, she's just a T.A.B.
by thetypicaltab July 29, 2011
Used in the British Military in the place of march/walk/hike - stands for Tactical Advance to Battle
It was a 3 hour tab back to base/we tabbed 30 miles in 6 hours
by Major genesis August 06, 2005
Tight-Ass Bitch: reference to any female perceived to be uptight, snobby, narcissistic, or generally enamored of their own unjustified self-worth.
That Paris is such a TAB, she thinks she's so hot.
by MooGod August 29, 2009
Short for LorTAB. Hydrocodone/Acetamenaphine.
"I was needing a refill on my 240 tabs even though I filled them two days ago because someone stole all of them." -- Totally not an Addict
by judy garland drugs July 11, 2008
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