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"There's an app for that"

A commonly used acronym, all thanks to Iphone commercials.
1: "OMG, I can't tie my shoelace!"
2: "There's an app for that."

1: "Ahhh! A meteor's coming to destroy the Earth and we need to stop it!"
2: "There's an app for that."

Therefore, TAAFT.
by anialem May 10, 2009
acronym for "There's an app for that." Referring to Apple's iPhone commercials.
-"How do I spellcheck emails?"
-"TAAFT dude, TAAFT..."

-"How can I search for dirty urban phrases on my phone, find a cab, order drinks at the bar, pick up a chick, remember her name the next morning, order pizza, find out what our president is up to and play tap tap revenge while staying up to date with the latest sport's score?"

by Arcane Sage November 04, 2009
acronym for : There's An Acronym For That
TAAFT is the acronym for : There's An Acronym For That
by JenzZa Misfit February 05, 2009
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