"The Almighty"
Usually used in reference to an uber swarve person with fly mackin skills.
Bob : Woah! That dude is off da hook! He's TA.
Babe: Yeh, daym he's fine! Definitely TA.
by Tony May 09, 2004
another term for male "cum" or ejactulation
"dude this girl was giving me head and i ta all her face."
"dude thats epic!"
a asian last name
my last name is Ta, so if you make fun of my last name i'll kick ur ass!!!!!
by Pianoluver March 24, 2004
Tiger Army, a great psychobilly band
Dude did u get the new TA album?
by Ben January 21, 2004
Often used by drunken residents of Worcester County, Massachusetts. Ta is an expression that is used to respond to a statement with the effect of "I wasn't listening to you and I don't really care about that." Originated at Rieatta Ranch Flea Market.
Person 1: "It rained cats and dogs here in Arizona today!"
Person 2: "Ta!"
Person 1: "mmkay.. have you been drinking again, Tituba?"
by negal01 January 16, 2007
an abbreiation for the car called a Pontiac Trans-Am
Dude my cousin's TA is a piece of shit.
by Eric June 16, 2006
Total Annihilation - The greatest RTS game EVER, made in 1995. (c) Cavedog note: the next ta game will be released as "Supreme Commander"
Supp N00bs, ready to be pwned in TA?
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