Short for 'Ta Ta'.

Note: Saying this will mostly likely lead to a well deserved ass whipping.
I'm bouncin, ta ta.
by Jay Jay January 13, 2004
Acronym for "teacher's aid." Synonym for teacher's pet.
Mr. Johnson's TA is such a geek. What a fucking boner-biter.
by big_mikes_subs April 16, 2005
Trendy Asian. An asian person who is dressed in Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, or Buckle clothes. The normal TA aslo takes pride in his/her hair. Most TA's like to call themselves "fresh" or "fly"
Jake: Dude WTF is up with all of these frickin TA's, they're everywhere!

Dylan: This is the mall man, the TA hangout.

Jake: Ah...it just slipped my mind.
by rumplestiltskin09 August 17, 2008
Mystical unicorn who is often associated with a tight ass and likes to eat snottle cront on toast, which is only grown on illegal Mexican plantations owned by carlos wiley and his best friends paco paolo. lives in a castle in Greenland.
TA is in my pants right now.
by zschlerqeena pinch March 16, 2007
acronym for TOWN ASSHOLE, often used to describe the outcast individual who doesn't conform with social and moral standards
Josh didn't donate any money, he's like the TA.
by lance vuongesntein November 19, 2005
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