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Thugged Out Beyond All Recognition - referring to a person, place or thing that is a little to ghetto for ones liking

(derrived from FUBAR)
Dude, that black guy over there with the Mr. T chains on and the fireman boots on is TOBAR
by Craw Diddy June 05, 2004
A name commonly used in the old and new testement. One whos orgin is unknown and spends his time living on earth but is not human. Not much is said about Tobar but is know to be fully described in the Dead Sea Scrolls
"Dude look at this guy pulling a Tobar"
by El Equis May 14, 2009
To disipline ones obnoxious child i.e to leave your children on the hardshoulder of the motorway
You need tobared lady
by Nely June 12, 2007
An adjective used to describe white males with really loose pants and can only afford marijuana.

Direct opposite of prep, who can afford luxuries such as cocaine and Minute Maid Orange Juice.
Bitch, put my belt back on me when you're done, you don't want me lookin T.O.B.A.R.
by Jordash June 10, 2004

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