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4 definitions by Jordash

A hybrid word combining scranner and rarf used with a similar meaning. Particularly used in the North-West Leeds area.
Ere, check out that dirty scrarf burning that bin.
by Jordash January 07, 2005
Someone who is making stupid remarks. Using false information in order to belittle another. Developed by mixing bulsh and wad similar use to dickwad in the Headingley area of Leeds.
You absolute bulshwad, that's complete bollocks!
by Jordash January 07, 2005
An adjective used to describe white males with really loose pants and can only afford marijuana.

Direct opposite of prep, who can afford luxuries such as cocaine and Minute Maid Orange Juice.
Bitch, put my belt back on me when you're done, you don't want me lookin T.O.B.A.R.
by Jordash June 10, 2004
Yet another way of saying "hell"
"You want some beers"

by Jordash August 20, 2004