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A T-string is the same thing as a G-string but at the back there is no little triangle peice of material to attatch the 3 strings
Yo man I saw you're girl in the hottest little T-string!
by Copenhagen Skater March 15, 2006
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The littlest piece of underwear in existence. You might as well not wear underwear. A t-string has a little triangle in front, strings at the hips, and a string in the back. No little triangle, therefore making a 't' in the back.
I wear thongs and g-strings, but I draw the line on t-strings.
by Angelacia July 01, 2007
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Most commonly known as the g string. The type of underwear known as a g string but should be called t string due to the t shape at the back at the start of your butt crack.
Her t string was showing, I could tell because it appeared she had a t in her butt crack.
by shannon rachelle July 10, 2008
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Looks like a G string, but backwards.
Either you've got a really horrible camel toe, or you've got on a T string.
by pseudochop March 02, 2011
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Similar to G- and V- strings, the T-string is basically a G-string without the muff guard.
You can tell she's a hoar, she's wearing a T-string!
by The Boroughmuir High Pervert October 16, 2003
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A type of women's shirt, invented by Sorboneeeeeees. Some claim that this item has been related to Madison P, as Paulie has been noticed wearing her "T-String" in the past. When asked about this rare clothing item, Paul simply said: "Sndfobrgoeboiua inbniuobnuibuo ionionon Madison's shirt bhsdfbhasufv I have a girlfriend njsfvnaroigberog T-String.
Paul tried on Madison's T-String at Lake Compounce prior to becoming hungry and asking "What's for food?"
by Doris Burke June 24, 2011
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