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A person who when performing an exercise, either performs too many repetitions or loses count of how many repetitions he/she should have done.
"How many reps are you gonna do?"
"I don't know man, I lost count"
"So stop being a T-Reps!"
by JKall day November 05, 2007
a young business mogul; the new movers and shakers; short for entrepreneur
one of these treps is going to be the one that changes the world.
by Dave Walsh January 05, 2005
Treps, short for entrepreneurs: people who take risks and build businesses. Use was started on Twitter, to help keep Tweets under the 140 character limit. "Treps" most often refers to people who start a business with a lot of passion and little (or no) money.
Treps are the REAL job-creators, not old guys in suits!
by TalabesianLogic August 03, 2012
Short name for Dodge InTREPid car. Most Dodge Intrepid users use this name to make it cooler from than the original name.
I love my Dodge Trep.
by Vanenix May 25, 2012
Short for "Intrepid" when referring to the Dodge Intrepid sedan.
"I made a nice kill against a Stang with my Trep last night!"
by GUNDY December 02, 2003
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