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A term to describe a very beautiful temptress with a sexually transmitted disease.
"I wouldn't do that dude, she looks tasty but she is syphilicious."
by Drifter December 02, 2003
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Because Syphilis should have an adjective hybrid word describng taste.
Wiley: Yo, man. That hoe was TIGHT!

Bobby: Yeah, but her vag was syphilicious.
by KeriFTW December 07, 2006
A style that would usually be ugly, bar the fact it looks good on someone.

Someone who sleeps around a lot, Is probably disease ridden, but still known as a great fuck.
"Eewww.. That leopard print leotard is syphilicious"

" I cant believe she tapped that... Everyone knows hes syphilicious"
by Adele S February 08, 2007
A girl who's a slut, but thinks she's hot, and also has syphilis.
Person 1: Dude, do you see that girl?
Person 2: Oh, dude, she's a slut and has syphilis
Person 1: What's her name?
Person 2: I think her names Alicia
Person 1: Oh that girl, ewww. She's loose.
Person 2: Yeah. definitely syphilicious
by EP et moi May 15, 2007

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