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One who vomits upon seeing, hearing, and/or, smelling someone else vomit despite any physical ailment.
When Jane threw up at the dinner table we immediately found out Bob was a sympathy spewer because he proceeded to vomit as well.
by ATmegaNeRd May 16, 2009
One who vomits after witnessing another person vomiting.
After stuffing himself to his limits, his stomach could no longer take it, and he vomited his entire meal back up. Several of the guests turned out to be sympathy spewers.
by Megatron'84 May 15, 2009
One who vomits after hearing, seeing, or smelling someone else vomit.
When he saw Lindsay upchuck all over the bathroom floor, Dave proceeded to throw up, too. SYMPATHY SPEWER!
by Pat Monrinski May 15, 2009
one who throws up because they saw someone else throw up
"Dude, when Jimmy threw-up last night I became a sympathy spewer!"
by cleverwords May 15, 2009
The act of spewing, when some one else has been sick
Person1 was sick all over his shoes and person 2 just spewed up when he saw it
Man person 2 is such a sympathy spewer
by sicko89123 May 15, 2009
Someone who is sensitive enough to vomit in response to another person's vomiting.
Meg: Oh, 2 girls 1 cup! *Vomits*
Mom who walked in: Oh, no! Vomit all over! But I'm a Sympathy Spewer... *Vomits*
by CoolGuy2831 May 15, 2009
Someone who will puke if they see someone else throwing up.
"My son threw up the other day, it would've been easy to clean up, but his friend is a sympathy spewer and it went everywhere"
by flexybob May 15, 2009
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