A little half breed girl with the shortest temper in the world, but a good person to have on her side. she gets pissed as hell if you "ignore" her but shell get over it if you know how to handle her. a good person to hang with and always entertaining
Person 1: Dude, what what that explosion?
Person 2:Oh it was just Symone, apparently her white girl and her boo arent texting her back
by sakura10190210 March 16, 2009
The sweetest, most amazing best friend to have. Understanding and always kind. She's always there when you need her the most.
Thanks Symone, for always being there.
by LMUFF July 13, 2010
A awesome, cool, sexy, nice, fun, loving, girl, she would make the best girl friend, and or best friend!
Symone is my best friend and the best one too!
by dudde.... September 04, 2011

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