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Symon is a wonderful and great person. They have amazing insight into people, and they are one of the kindest people. You will be lucky to know a Symon.

They are generous and way too intelligent for their own good =p

If you ever have a Symon in your life, never ever let them go, and treat them well, because they will be the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Symon is Dark and Handsome
by pancakesandlungcancer October 11, 2011
Symon is casual.
He could murder someone and be casual about it.
by that one guy with hair April 04, 2011
to always turn things into an innuendo

to make a statement sexual or disturbing
'wow he really symoned that up...'
by helen k December 17, 2007
To call out of work for no good reason, or to lie to your boss about why you are not at work when you are supposed to be.
"Hey guys, you going to the keg at the log tonight? I'm supposed to work, but I think I'm just gonna symons them!"
by ItsTheCandyman August 22, 2011

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