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A crybaby bitch who somehow has managed to make a career out of playing hockey. Is known as whiner/crybaby, diver, pathetic fighter, bitch and is rumored to be a serious pork sword swallower.

People in Canana love shitbags like this.

He is one serious injury away from being a nobody.

Probably takes it in the backdoor by his defensemen.
Did you see that Penguins game last night? Ovechkin dropped his gloves at Sydney Crosby, and Crosby defecated in his pants and curled up in the fetal position crying for mama.

He got a game misconduct for embarassment, soiling his pants and for being a douchebag.
by Rod Hammerhand April 16, 2010
99 45
1) A cry baby who playes in the NHL and whines to get his way, yet i'll have to admit, kid's got skill.

2) A cry baby
kid 1: you see croby's titty nipe last night?
kid 2: did you see him dive after getting hooked? that was funny, especially when he got called for it

kid 1- punches kid 2
kid 2 *tears up*
kid 1: don't act like fucking sydney crosby, little bitch
kid 2- :/
by Asstoucher54 May 19, 2009
64 45