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Name of a girl who is comes off as innocent yet sexy in every way. She has the cutest smile and adorable laugh. She's the kind of girl you'd want to chill with, that would be good company cause she's crazy and fun to be with.

Syafiqa is that girl that is always very loyal, sweet, and compassionate girl, that finds the beauty in everything. She is intellegent and usually doesn't trust many guys. Syafiqa is a ray of Sunshine. They make the room lit up, and her laugh is contagious. She has many acquintances, but very few best friends. She is always opened minded and always has to be entertained or be having a good time. When they do love they give their full love and committment.
Never let go of that Syafiqa.
Syafiqa is the girl you want to marry.

Never let go of a Syafiqa.
I want a girl like Syafiqa.
by ppseudonymms2 April 13, 2014
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