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Swordmaster is a band from Dundee in Scotland, described as "26 per cent more heroic than any other band you have ever seen."

Their brand of legging- clad, heroically bold and instrumental 80's shred- rock will see them conquer the financial crisis, depose dictatorships worldwide and cure poverty, famine, hunger and need of any and all descriptions.
"Did you see the Swordmaster show last night? I swear I thought I was being slayed with chops"

"I got this mad feeling during that newest song..... Just like a happy sort of warmth; it was fucking brilliant."
#metal #shred #80s #cacophony #heroic #heroes #leggings #hi- tops #nnwobhm #instrumental #racer x #paul gilbert #yngwie malmsteen
by LostLimbs June 08, 2009
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