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The act of masturbating especially in regions related to Champaign, Illinois.
"Man, I've been studying all day. Do you mind if I go get swoll on your couch and then take a nap?"

"Get iiiiit! I'll make you some coffee from glo j when you wake up"
by Champaign's finest August 08, 2012
34 31
Ebonics for "Swollen", as in getting "swollen" or "buff" at the gym.
Yo, after a couple months at the Y, i'll be a swoll motherfucka.
by Phat E November 25, 2002
1072 285
very muscular; jacked; ripped
by Kevin Rice October 13, 2003
721 326
To be muscular, jacked, strong etc.
Man, my pockets mo swoll than AC Slater.
by Nosco June 19, 2006
413 188
Something douchebags say to describe themselves as being ripped or jacked
Douchebag: Whoa bro look at me. I'm so swoll
Normal Person: That's great. Shut the fuck up
by 333,22,1 May 31, 2011
215 94
Term used to describe someone with considerable and evident musculature. Not to be confused with cut, meaning someone is very defined but not necessarily swoll.
Did you see Lou Ferrigno over there? Guy's fucking SWOLL!
by hockeydawg January 11, 2010
147 93
extremely jacked and buff. having a lot of muscle. having an amazing body. great at wrestling because of the definition of muscle owned. biceps big as a head. abs like a rock.
"Dude did you see that kid Nick at wrestling?"
"Nick Riemen? Oh yeah he's totally swoll"
by nota person December 26, 2011
40 28
A dish made primarly in jail/prison consisting of a base usually of ramen noodles infused with cheese, cornchips, sausage, chili, tuna, etc.
Hey man, wanna throw in on this swoll after lockdown tonite?
by joemommat June 13, 2011
12 5